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Donations made through the Telethon 2019 will be dedicated to the activities of the AFM Telethon.

l'AFM-Telethon's activities in 2020 all fundings included, 89 M€ :
  · SOCIAL MISSIONS 68,2 M€ / 76,6% :
      - 4,4 M€ CARE for patients and their families,
      - 31.4 M€ CURE research and development of therapies,
        (+ 9,2 M€ investissements and advances)
      - 2,4 M€ COMMUNICATE related to its missions,
  · 9 M€ / 10,1 % MANAGEMENT COSTS,
  · 11,8 M€ / 13,3 % FUNDRAISING COSTS

* More information about our key figures, ressources and the use of donations in 2021, in our Annual report on

** AFM Telethon contributes to the financing of Genethon thanks to donations made at Telethon's fundraising events.

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